“Your heart is pounding, your pulse is racing, sweat is pouring down your body. Have you run a marathon? No, you have just woken up and realized that you are managing a startup!”
– Nanci Govinder

Sounds familiar? Sometimes it may feel like all you do is put out fires, that everything lands on your desk, and you are the only one who can sort things out. I’ve been there.

Leadership Coaching

Online | 60 mins | CHF 215 | Select a date and Sign up
Building and running a startup is like being on a rollercoaster– thrilling and fun sometimes and terrifying and exhausting at others.
A personal coaching session could bring a different perspective to your problem; restore your faith, energy, and drive, spurring you to new heights of creativity and thinking.
In your current role, do you feel:
  • Stuck, overwhelmed, and fatigued?
  • You are constantly firefighting and managing crises?
  • You need to have your finger on everything or it will fail?
  • Your team needs a kick in the pants?
  • You really need to up your game as a leader eg. delegate more, address conflict, deal with difficult people, be inspiring?
Willing to spend an hour of your time to restore your energy, drive, motivation, and bring more balance and cheer into your life?

Let’s get started. Sign up for a coaching session to get you back in the driver’s seat.

Business Coaching

Online | 60 mins | CHF 250 | Select a date and Sign up
You have written the umpteenth version of your business plan and almost worn your shoes out seeking investment. You know that competition for money is tough, and you need a compelling and exciting story to be the “purple cow.”

How about us stress testing your story in a coaching session to make it convincing for investors and other stakeholders?

Some aspects we could cover include:
  • The attractiveness of your story.

  • Business roadmap: milestones, timelines, resources.
  • Competitive positioning, USP and VP.
  • Financial plans.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation plan.
  • Funding strategy.

If you want a no-nonsense and no-holds barred approach, sign up for a business coaching session with me. It may take more than one session to address all your issues, so let’s get started.

Every moment you wait means a dollar going to someone else.