eLearning Program

High impact teams not only deliver results; they are crucial to convince investors, attract customers, and bring you peace of mind to work on other aspects of the business.
Find a live virtual session which resonates with you.

  • Building a High Impact Team

    online | 120 min
    Learn how to recruit and compensate staff and create a company culture which supports your strategy and accelerates business growth.
  • Elevating your Team from Good to Great

    online | 120 min
    You have the right people on board. Discover how to transform them into a goal-focused, results-driven, and independent team, loved by investors and sought by customers.
  • Your Leadership Strengths & Drawbacks

    online | 120 min

    Leading others takes guts, hard work and emotional intelligence. Discover how your personality and behaviors work for and against you, by taking a personality assessment. Receive practical tools and tips to manage yourself, diverse people, and diverse situations.