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Your Leadership Strengths & Drawbacks

Online | 120 mins | limited space | CHF 270 | Book a week in advance | New dates coming soon

Discover how to adapt the way you lead and function to best suit your team, customers, and investors.

Personality has an impact on many areas of our lives and influences how we interact with colleagues, customers, investors, and board members.  While it is difficult to change your personality, you will learn how to flex and adapt your behaviour when interacting with people with different personalities.

NEO-PI-3™ or OCEAN model

You will take the NEO-PI-3™ personality assessment also known as the Big Five traits or OCEAN model. Multiple studies have found that leadership effectiveness and the Big Five personality traits are related.

The NEO-PI-3™ personality assessment or OCEAN model will help you discover:

Openness: your openness to new ideas, emotions, and experiences.
Conscientiousness: your approach to your goals and task.
Extraversion: your relationship to your environment, where you get and give your energy.
Agreeableness: your relation to other people and how they perceive you.
Neuroticism: your response to negative situations and the frequency with which you have negative thoughts and emotions.

Get your Link

After signing up, you will receive a link to the NEO-PI-3™ assessment to be completed ahead of the live, virtual session. You will receive a report a few days later. Please ensure that you complete the questionnaire at least 72 hours before the session to receive your report on time.

Your personal profile is private and confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Add a personal coaching session

A one-hour private coaching session is recommended to supplement the live session to get a personal debrief and tips about your assessment.