Elevating your Team from Good to Great2021-04-30T13:33:07+02:00

Elevating your Team from Good to Great

Online | 120 mins | CHF 215 | Limited space New dates coming soon

You have gone through the complexities of recruitment and onboarded a great group of people to work for you. Then why is your role as CEO still the Chief Everything Officer rather than the Chief Effectiveness Officer?

  • Why is your team not just getting on with things?
  • How can they become more accountable, proactive, and independent?

  • What is your role in this eg. are you micromanaging instead of delegating?

Understanding how to transform a group of strangers into a high performing entity driven by a common goal is vital for the growth and survival of your company.
Imagine the freedom you gain to work on your business rather than in your business.

Join me in this session to assess your team and put together a concrete action plan to elevate them from good to outstanding.

We will:

  • Review the attributes of a high impact team.
  • Assess your team’s effectiveness.
  • Identify how to build trust and drive collaboration.
  • Develop a team charter and action plan.
  • Explore your role as a leader.